RUNTEQ’s new sensor keeps track of heart rate and running technique and is the foundation for a personal running coach AI-based cloud service


 (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA —January 09, 2018)— RUNTEQ, the Finnish pioneer of wearable products for running technique analysis, launches its 2nd generation sensor product with Suunto Movesense and reveals its plan to release an interactive running coach service by 3Q2018.

Every recreational athlete wants to stay healthy, prevent overuse injury and get motivated in training. The fitness technology products allow to gather a lot of data, but are only now gradually taking a smarter role in interpreting data and giving deeper insight and provide improvement ideas for training. RUNTEQ has set an ambitious goal to be the forerunner in intelligent wearable coaching solutions.

Today, RUNTEQ will unveil the advanced wearable sensor product developed in close collaboration with recreational runners and the Suunto Movesense team.

RUNTEQ Smart Running Sensor features:

  • Reliable heart rate monitor, compatible with Bluetooth® Smart HR standard
  • RUNTEQ kinematics engine that captures the most essential running kinematics and kinetic parameters, including step rate, bouncing, braking, absolute and relative ground and airtimes. In addition, running power and running economy estimates are included.
  • Water resistant up to 100 feet / 30 meters
  • Device snaps on extending and colorful portfolio of Suunto Movesense-compatible sensor belts, bras and running gears

The special Early Bird sensor package is now available for pre-orders at RUNTEQ’s web-shop in Europe and the deliveries start in April. The company is currently negotiating with retail partners worldwide.

A new release of the Runteq mobile application, for use with the sensor, will also be available in Apple App Store and Google Play by April 2018.

“Movesense is a game-changer for Runteq and the recreational runners world-wide.  Movesense allows us to concentrate on creating even more sophisticated algorithms, applications and artificial intelligence to analyze running technique and to guide runners to improved, more enjoyable running”, says Tommi Ojala, CEO of Runteq.

“This is a win-win. RUNTEQ, with the value it provides to recreational runners using our platform, is a great showcase for Movesense”, says Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, future concepts at Suunto.

RUNTEQ intelligent running coach app and service

Founded in 2013, RUNTEQ is the pioneer in analyzing and interpreting running kinematics. Runteq is using their experience to develop an artificial intelligence-based running coaching service. The launch is planned for 3Q2018. The service features:

  • Cloud-based exercise data storage for user data
  • Import of runner’s training history from popular sports tracking services
  • Coach analysis – analysis of users training characteristics and habits
  • Interactive human-like coach interacts with the athlete to capture sensation and feelings on training
  • Artificial individual coaching provides personal guidance optimized for each unique body and runner type, previous training, injury history and goals.
  • Machine learning from big data constantly captures the most successful ways to exercise for each goal, for each runner type, and learns and recommends running gear that contributed to running success.

As spearhead project, RUNTEQ aims to optimize the AI coaching user experience for Apple Series 3 smartwatch.

RUNTEQ is present at CES 2018 as Suunto Movesense partner. Find us at booth 44337 in the Fitness and Technology Marketplace, Sands Expo.

About Runteq

Runteq is a privately-held company, headquartered and founded in 2012 in Tampere, Finland. Runteq’s core technology consists of cutting-edge kinematics algorithms that turn inertial sensor measurements to meaningful kinematics and kinetic parameters. The company focus now on the revolutionary artificial intelligence-based coaching solution that combines physiological and biomechanical measurements together with athletes’ subjective feeling and sensations. Besides it own RUNTEQ consumer product business, the company licenses its technology and makes software development for other brands and application developers.

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