RUNTEQ Smart Running Sensor with Suunto HR Belt (Pre-order)

RUNTEQ Smart Running Sensor with Suunto HR Belt (Pre-order)

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RUNTEQ Smart Running Sensor

Runteq Smart Running Sensor goes beyond a standard heart rate sensor.  You can discover your running technique parameters and find ways to improve your gait and running performance.


This sales package edition includes:

  • RUNTEQ Smart running sensor (100,00 euros)
  • Suunto Smart Sensor Belt (variable color and size, 24,90 euros)
  • Free RUNTEQ running app and services (download from app store, includes in-app purchases)
  • Free of charge shipping in European Union

Your Benefits

  • Standard Bluetooth HR sensor (Bluetooth Heart Rate Service)
  • Bluetooth Running Speed and Cadence (RSC)
  • Runteq Running Biomechanics  
    • Ground Contact Time (absolute and relative)
    • Vertical Displacement (”Bounch”)
    • Fluctuation of forward speed (”Braking”)
    • Step rate (Cadence)
    • Body Impact Level
    • Body rotations

    Compatible with 

    • Several iOS and Android smartphone apps that use standard Bluetooth HR sensor (HR)
    • Sportswatches (HR)
    • ZWIFT Run (HR and Running speed and Cadence)
    • Zoi Run app for smartphones (HR, RSC and Biomechanics)

    Technical specification

    • Bluetooth® Smart, FCC and CE approvals
    • Size: diameter 36,6mm (1.44 in) x 10,6mm (0.42 in)
    • 10 g (0.35 oz.) with the battery 
    • Replaceable battery (CR2025)
    • Water resistant to 30m/100ft
    • Suunto Movesense compatible

    Free shipping inside European Union

    • Zoi Standard Package is currently available only for orders in European Union countries. 

    Suunto Smart Sensor Belt

    Color options

    • Black (S,M,L sizes), Lime (M), Blue (M), Coral (M)

    Size options (Chest girth)

    • S 56 - 82 cm, 22 - 32"
    • M 70 - 110 cm, 28 - 43"
    • L 96 - 160 cm, 38 - 63"