Ground Contact Time

Ground Contact Time

Ground Contact Time tells how much time your foot touches the ground each stride.

The GCT value is given as milliseconds (ms) and as percentage of the full stride (%). While the absolute value is highly dependent on the running speed (shorter duration in higher speeds), the percentage value is more stable and descriptive.

Ground contact time is determined by:

  1. The ability to apply force to the ground very quickly,
  2. The stiffness of the leg at the moment of footstrike,
  3. the position of the foot in relation to the center of gravity at footstrike (a foot that lands in front of the body’s center of gravity acts as a brake and thus increases ground contact time).


The elite endurance runners can achieve GCT-% level of 25%. The smaller the percentage, the more efficient running.

Why important

The GCT-% is one of the best estimators of running economy. 

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